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Another RGB LED Board

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Hello all,

This is my project for my design class at the university I am currently attending. It is the first circuit/PCB I have made that is not just a simple circuit on a breadboard.

I'm happy to say it worked on the first try and thanks to Username and his reflow oven I was able to solder all of the surface mount components.

I'm sure I'll be saying this again in the future, but thank you RobG for the inspiration for this project! :thumbup:




Piranha RGB LEDs




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I'm planning on doing some LED driver boards myself. What you have made there looks very nice. I'm new on here and still at the basics of learning everything. I was curious about one thing though. What program did you use to make the PCB design?

I used Altium Designer. We begged for over a year to get the program installed on the computers in our lab. It's expensive, but I like the program a lot.

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You should merge the copper plane with your ground net.

TheDirty you are correct! I did not realize I had done that until I got my board back from Advanced Circuits. I should have seen it sooner but I am still learning how to do this. Fortunately, the circuit has no known issues as of right now.

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