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43oh PCB Logo

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Did any of you guys send me this?

@@cubeberg @@JWoodrell


Thank you! It really looks good.



Those are from me :)  Didn't realize QUITE how small they were going to be.  @@JWoodrell - do you have an SVG or something of the logo?  I wanted to make a couple of sizes.

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My 2 cents, in the theme of a logo i did for my father years ago [edit] fixed connection issue on computer, so here's a better copy of it [/edit]

well the scan test boards came in and it was a mixed bag.   the silkscreen codes got mangled by them (whole sections blocked in, and other missed, I'm not sure what happened, but I have an E-mail in

hehe, oh well, maybe the rocket will be useful to someone.   here is the circuit long logo vectorized   again, had to zip the .PSD,  the vectors are in two layers because of clipping between the

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I have it as a vector graphic PSD right now, i posted it here I just wish eagle had a scale function so you didn't have to build the same thing in different sizes.  i mean its vector based anyway


let me know if you need some other format or something with it.

I don't have PS unfortunately - an open vector format like SVG would be great if you can export it that way from PS.  How did you get it into Eagle?   The only vector import methods I've seen are SVG.

Otherwise - I'm sure I can use Inkscape to turn it into a vector.  They have a trace function that works great.


You're right though - a scaling function for simple pieces like this would be really nice - it would be a heck of a lot easier than creating a different size every time.

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