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43oh PCB Logo

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My 2 cents, in the theme of a logo i did for my father years ago [edit] fixed connection issue on computer, so here's a better copy of it [/edit]

well the scan test boards came in and it was a mixed bag.   the silkscreen codes got mangled by them (whole sections blocked in, and other missed, I'm not sure what happened, but I have an E-mail in

hehe, oh well, maybe the rocket will be useful to someone.   here is the circuit long logo vectorized   again, had to zip the .PSD,  the vectors are in two layers because of clipping between the

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Those look really good. It's hard to get an idea of scale from the photos - I assume the ones in the column marked 0.2mm have a pixel size of 0.2mm and the whole QR code is just over 2cm 5mm in size. I'm especially surprised at the resolution of the solder mask.


How did the track-style 43oh.com logo turn out? It looked OK on the protoplates I did but I'd imagine it looks much better on a PCB.


Coincidentally I was experimenting with home UV curable solder mask over the weekend and managed to get reasonable quality with some simple text. I only tried it because I forgot to engrave the text into the copper.

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here is the circuit logo on an actual board (my usb + SD card board)


It looks pretty good even though it has some vias cutting into it.



I was also piddling around with he QR code, and here is the same data "43oh.com" encoded but with a higher error correction built in, and that let me alter the code to actually say "43oh" as well



for those interested, here is the unchanged code.


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