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Advice about a water temperature controller

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OCY is right, mechanical relay, besides being loud, will also cause interference and will require more current to drive it. Solid state is a good idea since you can probably find one with zero crossing detection, but you will also pay more for what's basically a triac-in-a-box.

You can get 25A/600V triac (Q6025R6, BTA24-600, BTA26-600) for less than $2 and coupler with zero crossing detection (MOC3041) for less than $1 (at futurlec.com for example.)

Oh, and you can always connect few triacs in parallel.


Can I ask for a simple circuit diagram for interfacing msp430 with a heater that runs off from mains(220Vac here, to be more specific.) Or a pointer to a reliable source will be appreciated as much, since there are so many different things on the internet and I lack the experience on this topic to decide.

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