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Hi guys,


For those of you who find the male headers on the Launchpad 430 board annoying and do not want to go to the bother of unsoldering them and replacing them with female ones there is a solution. You can get male to female wires for breadboard use from any number of people on EBay for not a lot of cash. One example advert is here (this is not an endorsement and I don't know the trader but a picture is worth a thousand words):




The female ends on the ones I have are slim enough to fit on a single male pin without obstructing the next pin so you can use all the pins :-)


These are really useful if you like to work with breadboards. You can also find male, to male, female to female and some with "butchers hooks" on them which will clip to leaded components. 


If anyone from Ti is reading this it would be really neat if you included both male and female headers as now but left them unsoldered to give us more choice. 


Hope this helps....





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I just use IDE ribbon cable (with 3 connectors).  If you look at the pin out, there is one 'skipped' pin towards the middle.  Just cut the connectors in half with a hacksaw along that pin.  You wind up with one cable that is 10x2 and one that is 9x2.  Plug the 'drive' ends of the cable onto the launchpad headers and you can run a single cable to the breadboard with female ends.  You can even get fancy and use some perf board and 4, 10 pin headers to make an adapter to span the gutter and plug directly into the breadboard.

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I've had a few issues where I've ordered Ebay M-F "DuPont" cables and receiving F-F... and received a few freebies (100's of LED's and a 1602 display :smile:) because of this.


Ultimately, I purchased a few sets M-M to use between the F-F cables plugged into the Launchpad and the breadboard.


I also found that if you have some of the male pin headers, if you pull the single pins out of the plastic "spacers", they slide into the breadboard with enough sticking out to use a F-F jumper to the Launchpad.

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i have to shop for them when i got my 1.5 LP.

u should sort by price + shipping to pick sellers




i got them for less than US$3 and it ONLY take 3 weeks.


Wonder what the wire quality is vs http://www.micro4you.com/store/jumper-wires-f/f.html or http://www.micro4you.com/store/jumper-wires-m/f.html

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I designed a quick gender-bender board, used OSHpark (was cheap since they're so small - $2.20/set) to order 2 sets of them (3 per set), took 2 of the boards and soldered male headers, took 2 more and soldered female headers (and have 2 more spare)-




OSHpark gerbers: OSH_43oh_GenderBender10.zip

Copy that zipfile down, go to oshpark.com, set up your account and submit that zipfile -- select 6 boards -- should be $4.40 shipped for the set (at least in the USA).  You'll also need the 1x10 male and female headers to make a complete set.


Makes for nice rigid stacking, I had them made when I got my v1.5 LP and saw the male headers pre-soldered.  Lets me use my home-etched BP's with the v1.5 and use official/commercial BP's with my v1.4 LP (w/ female headers).


In this pic, the LP on the left is my v1.4 LP with male-male headers in use:


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the ones i got is similar to the dx ones (i got it from ebay for even less).




/EDIT look at the customer-supplied-photo further down the link, u will see a nice LP hook-up from someone.


those from your link looks different in that;


yours looks like they were "made" from the cheaper male-male breadboard jumper wires (which i also use a lot).

mine (dx's) appears to stick a pin to female-female "dupont" jumper wires.

the cheaper ones feels softer and i think they have less strands then the "dupont" ones.


i never intentionally cut them to compare but i never have the F-F "dupont" wires fail / broken and i had a few exposed M-M ones due to too much twisting.


when i saw the cut / broke off, they appears to be weak (few strands, thin).

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