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I need to measure the speed of a encoder, which creates pulses approx. 4 times per second. I'm not sure whether the timer can do that, or how to code it. The encoder is connected to the MSP, and i get signals in the 'coolterm' for testing purposes, but i need to figure out a way to get the timer to measure the time (ms) between each pulse.


Thanks in advance


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There are several ways to "time" signals, you could use the Watchdog timer at its shortest interval of 0.064ms 

or you can use timer A. It will take some time and some reading but you will see that the MSP is capable of this kind of timing-work.






A few links:


"http://justinstech.org/2010/08/msp430-basic-codingprograming-part-2-wdt/ "







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