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This is just ridiculous

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The engine in the car is already releasing heat to the atmosphere via the radiator so why the need for a wood burning heater in the passenger compartment?

Overall, it's a waste of energy and a further contribution to the myth of anthropogenic climate change.


Now, were the man a chef and caterer, that could make for an interesting smoker... while keeping the car warm.

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Yeah, I thought though--if you are a park ranger in some ridiculously rugged mountainous cold environment ..... It might be useful, or something like one of these anyway-- http://marinestove.com/ -- for if the engine breaks down/runs out of fuel/etc and you need to stay warm ;)


But this guy's just nuts!

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I had, sort of, the same problem with my 78 Transporter (2.0 type 4), where there was basically no heat when the van was moving since the ducts from the engine up to the dash were something like 15 miles long so whatever air did make it to the ducts was basically ambient temp since the heat radiated out of the ducts before it got to the dash.


A 12v>110v inverter and hair drier inline worked fine.

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The VW bugs had a similar design flaw. They used metal heat tubes that ran along the bottom of the vehicle from the rear engine to the passenger compartment. These rusted out in fairly short order which left you with no heat.

And since the Transporters were a few feet longer, and MUCH larger passenger space, even the 2.0L Porsche engines couldn't heat the cabin... and had issues with #3 cylinder running hot and sucking a valve... and sagging in the rear IRS.


... but we've digressed.




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You know we're right and you're all wrong.



I'm wondering where this came from. Was it just to have an own way or by 'accident' ? Maybe just a left/right handed thing ?


btw: Are the gears mirrored too ? We have 1. upper left, 2. lower left, 3. upper right, 4. lower right, what else you got ain't standardized.


What about Japan, was it a british colony ?


And bug related: I've driven two of them to death and had the opposite problem. I couldn't turn the heaters off and got my left foot toasted in the summer. They worked well during winter time but our winters have rarely temps below -10C. The first bug had 50hp and guzzled 20 liters per 100kms, at least.  :shock:

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