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analogRead not working :/ (energia)

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Basic analogRead function doesn't seem working.. I am using Energia as a compiler. I am trying the minimum configuration. I am getting a value but this value doesn't change with potentiometer. I have even tried to ground the signal (to see if it is Zero) but nothing has changed..


What might be wrong? thanks .


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Thanks. I have changed it. But still isn't working. I am making a silly mistake but where ://


Adding the screen caps.


PS: I have checked the output of potentiometer with a multimeter. It is ok : /

PS2: I am using MSP430G2211 right now

(i also have MSP430G2231)




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Thanks for yr replies...

Hi, My main aim is to data log into single memory card(32GB) of around 48 analog channels at speed of 1000 samples per second per channel.Please tell me about the best solution. As I know that speed of ADC in msp432 is 1MSPS so it is optimal for my solution.So by using UART & 2 MSP432 Launchpads ,can I send data to the one memory card interfaced with first launchpad??

As i need the data of 48 channel simultanously at an instant(not even a dely of 1ms is permissible ).Than I think muxing is not the solution of problem.Please help...

Or you could use an analog multiplexer. They used to come in 8 and 16 channel versions. TI (the old Burr Brown product line) should have them.


Why not just use two MSP432s and let one talk to the other via UART?

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If you want to sample 48 channels without any phase skew then you may need to use 48 sample and hold devices, sampling at the same time and then converting all the channels. You may still need to use an analog mux(es) to handle the number of channels.

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