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Chip on glass LCD displays

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Hi Guys,


I found these




and have ordered a couple. The interface is I2C and they can run off 3 volts. Handy if you are running out of I/O pins. I thought the price was pretty good, I wonder if anyone else has used them. The data sheet is very comprehensive so it should not be too difficult to get the 430 to talk to it (I hope).


Before anyone asks, I don't work for Rapid Electronics, but I do spend far too much money with them :-(


Hope this helps,



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Nice, low profile. Did you get a 5v or 3v version though? The website says it's 5v, and the mpn (manufacturer product numbers) they list all lack the 16th digit, meaning not 3v versions.


Datasheet shows logic works at 3.3v, but power would need 5v. Considering the pinout for the 5v vs the 3v version, the 3v version has an added charge pump type regulator (the capacitors they need gives this away).


You can always try powering from launchpad usb 5v testpoint, but keep i2c with the 3.5v vcc.

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I am a bit of a beginner at this but I had assumed that it could operate at both 3 and 5 volts. So thanks for pointing that it probably needs 5 volts. At the moment I am working on using the Launchpad to control an AD9850 DDS board which needs 5 volts and I was hoping to use the display to show the programmed frequency and other info. So I will need 5 volts on the target board and can power the display from that. 


Whenever I am playing with a new device I always buy at least two on the theory that I am bound to let the smoke out of the first one at some stage. 

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