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Energia and raspberry pi

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My kid have a robotic club, and I give him msp430 launchpad with energia. Last month I have raspberry pi and right now I want to give it to my son. So I am thinking, it's will be wonderful if we can run energia on raspberry pi with raspbian or archlinux os. Is there any suggestion for this combine?



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well.. let me ask this another way:

is it possible Raspberry Pi to communicate with MSP430 (via USB) with serial communication protocol ?

Consider i wrote a python code working in Raspberry Pi, which allows me to log data, send email etc. controlled by MSP430 ?



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It should be possible IMO to build the Energia (Arduino) framework for the archlinux/ARM environment running on the RPi.  You might be able to do it ON the RPi.  Look into the details of how you build Energia... although one thing to note is it's Java based, and I don't know if there are workable java VM runtimes for that architecture.  Open source java implementations do exist, just no idea how well they work.


IIRC the USB ports on the RPi should have no problem communicating with the LaunchPad, although the application UART may need some custom kernel module.  Still, should be compilable from source on the RPi.

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I have several PlugComputers that I use to communicate with Launchpads. The PlugComputer is an ARM Linux box similar to the RPi; I run debian and Arch. I use Modbus Serial protocol and have connected using both the USB cable and also hard wired to the serial port pins (the Plug has a 3.3v ttyS0).  I have used this Arduino implementation in Energia: https://sites.google.com/site/jpmzometa/arduino-mbrt/arduino-modbus-slave and Python Minimal Modbus  on the Plug:  http://minimalmodbus.sourceforge.net/



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I agree with roadrunner that it is better to use the TTL level connection; the USB interface on the Launchpad is 9600 baud max- Hard wired, 115200 works great. Many of the Arduino sketch "protocols" are just text messages without error checking; Modbus has CRC-16 on every message. I am sure there are other reliable protocols available, but I am familiar with Modbus.

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Hi everybody,


I am also very curious whether someone has ported Energia to the Raspberry Pi. It is no problem to use the flash tools on the Raspberry Pi. I am also thinking of a combination of the Raspberry Pi and the Launchpad as a intelligent extender (in fact the Gertboard for the Raspberry Pi is such an intelligent extender).


The serial limitations have been noted, but it would be great to use a combination of USB programming and hardwired serial comms.


I am currently investigating the possibility to use Python on the Pi with PySerial/PySMBus with the Launchpad.


Combined with the outrageously cheap GPS receiver mentioned in one of the last Hackaday posts it would be a great robotic platform.


Kind regards, Eelco

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