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Renesas, STM kits

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I've got three dev kits that I'd be willing to trade. All three are brand-new with everything that was originally in the box.
I'd prefer a trade of some sort - Booster Packs, anything with LEDs, etc. If you don't really have anything to trade, but you'd use the kits and are willing to pay shipping - let me know.
I know some of these boards were only free in the US - if you're outside of the US and would like one - I'd be willing to ship international as well - might just take me a bit to figure out how :smile:

Renesas RX62N
Renesas RL78/G13
STM32-F4 Discovery

I was one of the ones to confirm this forum would be a good idea - figured I'd better pony up and post ;-)


***Boards all taken***



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Squeezing in before this closes :smile: How about a couple of the LED displays as shown attached, or the front panel, for the STM32-F4? The front panel has an eight char 5x7 display, and I have code to drive the LED display...




Rob - I have to apologize - I completely missed your post.  The panel with display actually looks pretty cool - are the other buttons, LEDs, lock usable as well?

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