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Get a custom reply/post editor plugin and do not use IPB's.

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Lucky you. At least you can press "enter" and get a "CR"+"LF". When I press "enter", absolutely nothing happens.

I have to copy + paste something with "new lines" in it in order to get a new line.


And sometimes, when I backspace, it moves two characters back instead of one... it doesn't always happen, just "sometimes". :-(


Word about town is it's TinyMCE, the editor, causing issues. Invision power board seems oblivious to a solution.


Most annoying though is the "workaround" is to view the offending site in "compatibility mode", but IE10 doesn't pop out the icon in the address bar to allow viewing this site in "compatibility mode".

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I use Chrome. Any formatting I do causes the next backspace to happen at the point prior of the last format change.


forma this<backspace here>

This is aformatted line.<backspace here>


Really annoying of a very basic function to do this.

Any thing supporting non-standard standards is going to fail.

Fix is expected in 3.4(next up). Sorry guys.


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