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Arrow's Black November - Complimentary Shipping on Any Online Order

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Well Arrow have just billed me $17.43 for $2.31 of parts. They had better have a good explanation for this.


I bet you were logged in to MyArrow, free shipping is for purchases without the account, should have used Checkout with Credit Card (includes PayPal.)


In any case, I had a similar experience.

MyArrow rep called me once and convinced me to use MA because the prices are better.

She was right, my total order was ~$48.00 instead of ~$58.

During the checkout, there was no information about any additional charges, no shipping information, etc. (Checkout with Credit Card let's you choose shipping option and you do see the charges, including tax.)

After my order was shipped, I got 2 bills for the total of ~$90. They shipped 2 parts in two separate boxes, charged me warehouse fee (MyArrow special,) and upgraded my shipping to 2nd day.

Called the CR and found out that the computer "upgraded" my shipping automatically, but basically the rest is BAU. After venting my frustrations, he gave me a refund, the total shipping cost was about $12 after that (still higher than the $8 basic shipping with CCC.)

This is not all, after a week, got a collection letter stating that I owe them $28! Didn't hear from them since.


Now, when I go to MyArrow, my prices are no different than the regular prices. I am not sure if that was one time deal or if I lost my "preferred" status :smile: Can someone confirm?

I did use their free shipping offer and placed 2 orders, both w/o MyArrow (2nd one was placed just before midnight last night :smile: )

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Yikes - I just checked - they charged me $19.90 - I used MyArrow and totally missed that fine print!  I logged in yesterday to double-check and my invoice still showed now shipping on the order too.  Not to mention I placed my DigiKey order at the same time and it came a couple of days ago.  Shipping for that was $2.65.

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Below a certain weight, they offer USPS. It was all SMD parts.


Just got my arrow package. Huge fedex box (I chose UPS) for 3x tssop parts. Shipping invoice says 6 something S&H, but my card was charged 20, which is more like 15 S&H. Sent an email to the sales rep- will let you know how that goes.

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Well, to Arrow's credit a sales rep emailed me when the order went through so I had someone to contact with my complaint. He got back to me within minutes, and in response to my ventilation, came back with this:



Hi Tom,

Due to your frustration I will credit you back the freight charges that
you incurred.

On the same advertisement offering free shipping the following paragraph
can be found:

*Please note that a $0.99 energy surcharge will apply to all orders. Not
valid for MyArrow customers.

You had placed this order with your MyArrow account and therefore you
did not qualify for the promotion. The same disclaimer can be found by
visiting this link (clicking buy now on the www.arrownac.com homepage):



So, I didn't qualify for free shipping, but they will ship it free anyway. I have no fault with their good customer service. Thanks Conor Hickey at Arrow for sorting that out.
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Here we go again.

I needed one part # and happened that Arrow had it in stock and at the best price. I wanted to avoid buying from Arrow since I remember all my problems with previous orders, but I figured I will give it a try.

I check shipping charges w/o logging in and they were $8. As usually, shipping charges were not shown when logged in. I contacted support to verify that charges are the same and there are no extra charges on top of this just because I am using My Arrow account.

I was told that yes, the shipping is $8 and there are no extra charges.


My first order was cancelled because the part that suppose to be in stock last week... well, they don't carry that part even though it's listed and can be back-ordered.

My second order was OK, but as usually with Arrow, you don't get the total amount right away. Not only that, I never got shipping confirmation email or email with invoice.

After checking it online, I found out that I was charged $16 for shipping.

I contacted support via chat and they told me that I have to call sales dept. I asked if they are open (I am on east coast and it was after 6pm) and they said they are not. I called anyways and a rep answered my call. I spent many minutes trying to explain why I think this is wrong, but he tried to convince me that they do it all the time and this is their standard rate, some handling and fuel charge, and that they don't know the actual shipping cost until it's all packed up.

He finally offered to submit request for $8 credit (next week,) after I said I will refuse delivery.


Every other company is able to estimate shipping at checkout, just not Arrow (well, they can if you don't log in.)

If this was large order, I wouldn't mind paying few extra bucks, but my order was small.

No more Arrow for me.

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