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Paradiso UI Boost (and win one)

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This is awesome. I was just looking at the LMC wiki the other night , and wondered what exactly it would be implemented with... You think you could pm or post the source?

i am attaching this lmc.c file mainly for the benefit of oPossum and whoever is interested in studying this ui boost layout. so consider it kind of a preview. before i finish the rest of the project

I see it has been a while since you have been here simpleavr. You might want to try out CCS V5.3 on linux. It won't allow you to upload to a launchpad but you can use it to compile code under CCS in l



how there should be a way for CCS inline to access variables defined in 'C', i suppose?


when i tried,


    union u_data r12_val;
    uint16_t data16;

#ifdef MSP430
    asm(" mov r12,%[res]": [res] "=r" (r12_val.w);
    asm(" mov r13,%[res]": [res] "=r" (data16);
    asm(" mov r12,r12_val.w");
    asm(" mov r13,data16");


CCS complain it can find the variables "r12_val" and "data16".


i google a bit and was told inline assembly cannot access variables on the 'C' side.


any easy way? hints?

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