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Paradiso UI Boost (and win one)

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this is my paradiso ui boost board. u can win one by identifying the application it is running in the video.

/EDIT oPossum solved the puzzle. it's a LMC (little man computer) emulator.



parts are just 2 units of 4 digit 7 segment led modules (CC and CA), plus 16 tactile buttons (room for 2 more).


i intend to use this to enter the POTM but it is far from finish.


i will provide more details (schematic, pcb layout, write-ups, code) as things progress. right now i haven't finalize what the project should do. except that i want to make this an educational thing for kids.


the video is running a test sketch application.


the 1st forum member (must already be a member before today) who can identify what it (the application) is will win a kit.


i.e one pcb + 2 x led modules + 18 buttons + headers.

  • u must id the exact name (three words) of the application. "it's a sort of XXXXer" will not count.
  • offer ends midnight 0:00am monday if no body can id what it is.
  • free shipping US or Canada.
  • other members i will check and u might have to pay for shipping (i will just put stuffs in an envelope).


thank you and hope u enjoy.

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This is awesome. I was just looking at the LMC wiki the other night , and wondered what exactly it would be implemented with... You think you could pm or post the source?

i am attaching this lmc.c file mainly for the benefit of oPossum and whoever is interested in studying this ui boost layout. so consider it kind of a preview. before i finish the rest of the project

I see it has been a while since you have been here simpleavr. You might want to try out CCS V5.3 on linux. It won't allow you to upload to a launchpad but you can use it to compile code under CCS in l

It's a classic sortermathing with a whachamacallitproc displaying rannumdomers... (neat, I have no clue)


And it's very bright. Or is it just the camera?


1. indeed it's doing math, and they are not random numbers.

2. have not yet implement dimmer logic.


this one can't be easily googled. i hate a quiz that got solved almost immediately. but hate more when no one cares to solve it. so may be give out some hint tomorrow.

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@opossum, somehow i think u will solve it.


8080 does MOVs. the "load" and "move"s always confused me when i did assembler at late '70s.


i read somewhere that when MOS made 6502 they can't use MOVs as intel had already "patented" it. don't know if it's true of not.


EDIT/ multiple guesses / tries accepted, w/. reasoning a plus.

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thank you for participating.


one application for this paradiso ui boost board is to allow grade 5 or 6 kids to learn computing "the right way". i,.e simple assembly language that is very close to how hardware works. this was the way how i learnt to program and i want to pass it to my kids.


the LMC simulation code works well and does not take up much space. and it is also quite limited as there are no indirect addressing mode.


for the POTM i will be expanding this idea and try to squeeze additional features to this tiny platform.


good night and stay tuned for more.



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