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How many 'lego-natives' on this forum?

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I have an idea for an booster which can connect to two lego motors and two or maybe more lego sensors. Details on this are still in the very early design stage.

I'm not talking about the newer lego Mindstorms NXT motors with integrated encoders and i2c, i'm talking about the 'old' stuff from the first lego mindstorms or lego train generation:




Before beginning to work on this I just want to ask you guys, if you or your kids still do have some of this older Lego Technics stuff and if you're somehow interested in making these lovely motors work with Stellaris and msp430 launchpads.

Possible applications are basically endless, everyone who had the joy to play with Lego Technic some time ago knows what i'm talking about.


So, what do you think? ;-)

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That would be cool. I have a ton of stuff from the 1st mindstorms. Top of my head there must be 3 or 4 add on kits plus main kit. Not touched it for years but I seem to remember that getting the ir tower (old serial one not the USB) working was tons of hassle.


So for me^h^h my son a mindstorms booster would be awesome.


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