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MSP430 Sewable - any interest?

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Here are the finished scarves.  I'll upload some closer pictures tonight, including some shots of the board.   The conductive thread was definitely interesting.  What I ordered from Sparkfun does se

Ok - here are a couple more pictures.     Boards with a US nickel as a reference.     WS2811 integrated 5050 RGB LED boards (Thanks to RobG)     FYI - the eagle part that RobG provided had

Boards came today!  

Posted Images

I bet you could make a penny or two selling those. Potentially funding future projects. :smile:

That's what my wife suggested :)  Unfortunately - the projects I make for myself/kids tend to take a TON of labor.  It took about two weeks to finish the second one.  I don't think anyone wants to pay $100 for a scarf.  But who knows?

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Well if you do that in your spare time to unwind, or spend time with the kids, what does it matter how much you make from them ? Granted, having spare time sometimes can be difficult.  Now if it isn't fun . . . I totally get that.


Also, if you somehow patented the idea to where you could sell it to a company or something .  . . but yeah, that is perhaps going a little too much corporate.

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The boards are so thin that I just score them twice on each side and they just snap.


BTW, I am planning to use those 2 sided pixels for my indoor xmas tree lights and for kid's hats (antennae with little light at the end.)

I like the xmas lights idea - you won't need as big of a power supply for those compared to the strips.  And kids are always a good inspiration/excuse for projects :)

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