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MSP430 Sewable - any interest?

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Definitely a good idea - Sparkfun sells a board like this for the LilyPad - https://www.sparkfun.../products/10940

I like the idea of it being an add-on though. If the main board was all snaps, you'd have to have some way to tether the main board to make it permanent.

Sparkfun does have a kit that's all snap-based though: https://www.sparkfun.../categories/210


Here's a quick render of what I've got so far - tested out EagleUp. Several parts are from the eagle libraries, but it couldn't find any models so it's just the PCB.



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Here are the finished scarves.  I'll upload some closer pictures tonight, including some shots of the board.   The conductive thread was definitely interesting.  What I ordered from Sparkfun does se

Ok - here are a couple more pictures.     Boards with a US nickel as a reference.     WS2811 integrated 5050 RGB LED boards (Thanks to RobG)     FYI - the eagle part that RobG provided had

Boards came today!  

Posted Images

Ok - here's the main board. It's not routed yet, but the parts are all there. All LEDs have solder jumpers (even the power LED) that are off by default in case you're looking for really low-power, or need to use the pins for something else. I'm going to try to squeeze in some LED boards on the corners and make sure to beef up the traces for the power connections.

I included a JST connector, but it's going to take a separate board to support a LiPo. It would need to be a buck-boost - there's a LilyPad board that would probably work. The power switch would allow a threaded connection to the + and - from a sewn-in supply like a coin cell or LiPo board, or a a direct JST connection.


I've attached the Eagle schematic and board for anyone who's interested.




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Ordered some LED boards - 0805 and ones for the 5050 with included controller that RobG did the group-buy for. BTW - OSH park is dirt cheap for really tiny boards. I got 12 of the 0805 for $1.90, and 9 of the 5050 boards for $4.65 (free shipping). I could try panelizing with Seeed, but I'd probably have to cut by hand.

I also took advantage of the free shipping @ Sparkfun to get some conductive thread. It looks like you have to invest in a ~$40 spool if you want really good prices.


When these come in - is anyone interested in an extra PCB? Before shipping @ digikey - it's $6.40 for the parts - I only ordered enough for a couple for myself - I won't need all 10 boards.

I can upload the BOM and gerbers for the OSHPark boards if anyone is interested in those as well.



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Funny. I have just bern making a similar board, but also for conductive pen on paper, with less and larger pads. Cool project. Anyway, maybe you can fit a battery holder for a thin battery on you design? 2032 battery for example?


Edit: oops, missed page 2 :-)... Anyway, cool project and looking forward to seeing the results.


Edit2: could make the pads shaped like rockets :)

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Edit2: could make the pads shaped like rockets :smile:


A battery board would be very nice - I'll have to look at the holder and see about putting in a batch of boards with OSHPark. Sparkfun has a sewable coin cell holder - https://www.sparkfun...cts/11285


The only issue I see is that the board might need to be modified to include sewable pads for power input, or the coin board would need to include a switch. The board I designed would allow you to connect to the board and it wouldn't power the MCU until the switch is turned on, but it would still power all connected devices.

Adding a battery holder on the main board might be difficult, but I think SquareWear has two versions - one with, and one with the LiPo JST connector.


I also found some suggestions of soldering crimping beads to SMD LEDs for really low-profile lights - there are even some for sale that cover the connections in epoxy since the solder joint may fail.


Edit2: could make the pads shaped like rockets
- I really like that idea - I may have to work on that. It would be really simple to create a new part and swap it out. I'll have to see if I can come up with something decent :smile:



**Edit - wow - something happened with the link - totally killed my post. Fixed now :smile: ***

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Looks cool! I like the idea of an independent board. You could break out another pin or two pretty easily and allow communication between units if desired.

Hopefully RobG runs another GB - I'm definitely going to have to get more of those if they work out on my project.

Or something like this? 5x4 on a 2.54 grid... Not too bad of a size.  Could chain a few together with just one chip, or make them all chipped.. 



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