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[Energia Library] LadyAda's DHT Library Ported

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Ooops... sorry sorry Rei Vilo, my mistake.

Yes I found your DHT22 lib implementation better.

However I will ship both DHT11 or DHT22 with my kits and the ladyada lib was working with both sensors on both Arduino and Energia so I kept this one.

Once the main code will be working ok I will perhaps change the library...



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sorry I'm using Stellaris Launchpad LM4F120XL and I'm trying to connect it with DHT11.

For connection I use DHTPIN PB_7. Code that I'm running is copied from AdaDHT11.zip from the first post.



problem was that I removed all "case:" from DHT.cpp


Now I think I have problem with conversion between data types.

Is it correct to use this function in void loop:

float h=dht.readHumidity()
float t=dht.readTemperature()
if (isnan(t) || isnan(h)){
else {
sprintf(buffer,"%f",h);      //   <- is it correct?

On screen I receive string "OK" but for LCDString(buffer) i got nothing. buffer is "char buffer[6];"


PS: Now between pin 1  VCC & pin 2 DATA of the DHT11 I'm using resistor 4,8kOhms instead of 10kOhms.

PS2: I included only DHT.h from first post & LCD_5110.h  (by Rei VILO)

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