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TI Launchpad, Mac, mspgcc, assembly... Help

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I'm trying to start working with a TI Launchpad on my Mac (I also have a Ubuntu virtual machine I can work in), and I want to program it in assembly using mspgcc. However, I'm getting confused with a lot of the information I'm finding about how to actually write code for this!


Any assembly tutorials I find (even in the MSP430 Microcrontroller Basics book) use references such as #WDTPW|WDTHOLD, &WDTCTL or &P2OUT, and whenever I try to compile assembly files with those, mspgcc throws a bunch of errors about how it can't refernce those.


So, what is the best way for a beginner looking to program in assembly on a TI Launchpad to get started? What am I doing wrong when I compile all of these test files?


(If I didn't provide enough information, feel free to ask for more)

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The GNU Assembler for the MSP430 Family (mspgcc binutils 2.22): msp430-as.pdf
The GNU Assembler for the MSP430 Family (GNU binutils 2.23.52): msp430-as.pdf

Patches for above docs: msp430-binutils.diff.txt


It looks like the official binutils will implement the MSP430X 20-bit CPU somewhat differently than the mspgcc binutils: rpt instead of .rpt, -ml instead of .cpux_target, no .mpy/-mmpy, .arch/-mmcu are not ignored and also pre-set .cpu/-mcpu.

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