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Launchpad Webcast - 50% off 5 Launchpad Parts

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From TI Microcontroller's facebook profile:


TI employees got an intro to our LaunchPad ecosystem today and learned how to BYOB - Build Your Own BoosterPack that is! Want to learn more about our LaunchPads and BoosterPacks? Register today for our December 6 webinar with Digi-key and Electronic Design! http://ow.ly/fewSJ


And from the Event page:

For attending this webinar you will also receive the following incentives; a chance to purchase up to 5 different LaunchPad parts at up to 50% off regular price.



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You didn't miss much technical info.  It was basically an introduction to the 3 launchpads, the concept of booster packs, and the energia project.  If you spend any time browsing this forum, you are up to date on what was discussed.  They were also pushing this new boosterpack with an accelerometer, LCD, and some LED's that looked sort of interesting, but I can't seem to find a link to it anywhere.

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that's the "up to" part :)


I'd definitely say this is TI's move to grab some of the Arduino crowd.  Considering the MSP430 board sells for $4.30 (big reason why I started using them) - I'd say it could be a good play.


Loved the shout-outs for 43oh.com  - hopefully it'll drive some new traffic to the site!

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Very happy to see 43oh.com and Energia got mentioned alot!


Quite impressed on a screen showing Energia code vs CSS code for the same serial (?) program.. the contrast is clear on market segmentation and target consumers. TI is very supportive to the community.


By the way, i missed the part in QA when Adrian answering question on 433 frequency? What is the discussion about? Thanks in advance.

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Figured as much.. guess I won't be needing a copy, I kind of expected it to be an informative application seminar but no such luck. I have a few of the launchpads and I was going to use one as a pc-interface servo control unit but that seems a little too complex so maybe the C2000 or MSP430 would make the job easier.

I'm trying to build a pan, tilt, zoom control for a telescope mount that can be controlled through a laptop (want to make a mount to fit on-top of my vehicle to drive out into the country and do some astronomy.) This rig is going to have a HD, USB, webcam, anyone know how I can send the signal for the webcam to my laptop wireless (want it to have 360* PTZ and will more than likely use a slip-ring connector for power). Web cam is the Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 that I got from radioshack for 10$ :thumbup: . I know this is way off topic but any answers would be appreciated or at least a place to ask!

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