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Insight <incomplete type>

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When debugging with Insight, I find a lot of variables are not viewable in the debugger because it reports even though they are simple variables - e.g. unsigned short and unsigned char etc.


I've read the Insight manual and I could understand it if I was declaring a pointer to an undefined type but simple types should work surely?


Perhaps the problem is with msp430-gdbproxy ?


Has anyone solved a similar problem?


As a secondary issue, it is frustrating that the mouse scroll wheel does not work (i.e. scroll the text) in Insight. Is there a better version with scroll wheel support? I'm using GNU GDB 5.1.1




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After bashing my head off the wall a lot today, I managed to get MSPGCC4 working and that has Insight version 6.8 which seems to solve both problems - the incomplete types vanish and the mouse scroll wheel works - sorted.


Having said that, I also found WinGDB today which is a Visual Studio plugin and seems very much better than Insight (more details in another post I made about it specifically).

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