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27 years old finnish hardware engineer guy says hello!


I just recently registered in to this forum, but i have been lurking around for a while now.


This forum has been a great help to me and there have been some very interesting projects out there, I'm hoping to see more of them. Regardless that my job title is hardware engineer, I've done some programming too, mostly in C. C++ and C# are familiar languages for me too.


Umm.. not sure what to say, isn't this enough ;)?


Feel free to ask if you have questions! (No, there's no polar-bears in here, only regular ones and a beer which is named as 'bear' = Karhu in finnish - which i like ;)


Oh, if there's any finnish readers out there and you are interested in MSP430 programming, check out my webpage which has finnish tutorials about Launchpad (url at the end). Of course other nationalities are welcome too, but since it's written in finnish you propably won'd understand it... But hey, I got some youtube videos also! :) Comments are welcome.


That's it. Be nice or else santa won't bring you any new gadgets to play with.


BR. Mika 'CsCrazy' V

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Hi Bluehash!


Nokia HQ and some R&D work is still in Finland if you didn't know :)


A good dish? Hmmmmh... well we all have different taste, so I'm not so sure what to suggest. Maybe some gamefood, you know like reindeer, moose or some bird (wood grouse)... Fresh boiled potatoes and real butter with the gamemeat. Of course some kind of brown sauce would be nice. There are lots of good foods in here, but I'm no chef so... Almost in any restaurant in here there are some "finnish" foods available, so if you ever visit here, go ahead and try. (Menus are in finnish and in english and sometimes in swedish too.) Most of the people understand and can communicate in english since we start learning it about when we are 8-10 years old.

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