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I think that's fine. Can't really help you any further without having a clear picture and guide of how you have things set up. My first impression is maybe the chip isn't powered right or is missing decoupling capacitors, since the error is occurring during the flash erasure phase (which is slightly power intensive).


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Buy @ The 43oh Store.   So I got a couple samples of the F5172 (has 5V-tolerant I/Os, 32KB flash + 2KB SRAM, Timer_D can run up to 256MHz with FLL) this past summer and had nothing to do with them.

Redesigned it with a much better XTAL layout.   Other changes: SW1 P2.7 now sources its pullup from VIO rather than 3V3, since P2.7 happens to be one of the VIO-driven (i.e. 5V-tolerant) I/O pins.  

Posting both FT232RL and FT230XS variations:     F5172 LaunchPad draft3_0 (FT232RL)-   Schematic: DipTrace Schematic - F5172_LaunchPad_draft3_FT232RL.pdf OSHpark gerbers: OSH_43oh_F5172_draft3_0

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I solved the problem.


Instead of use the source of the FET430UIF, I used the power source of the Launchpad EXP430G2. Now it's working fine.  :thumbup:


Just a little question, I noted that I can not use the clock settings as in MSP430G2553.




How is the the correct way to do this configuration?

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