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hi from the netherlands

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hello all,


about 2 weeks ago, i received the launchpad boards i ordered - wow, what a great impression !


although i'm still getting up to speed on ccs v5 (read: 'struggling'); i got energia going very quickly - servos, lcd, adc, blinking led, ir / remote control, etc - all working very well.


i love building stuff and am planning some little standalone projects like:

- capacitance meter (pulse width type)

- inductance / capacitance meter (using the frequency shift method F=1 / 2pi (sqrt LC)

(anybody know how to use 430's timer as a gated counter while in energia????? or comparator / other IO ????)

- ham radio stuff - synthesizer control via spi, swr calculation + the usuals

- etcetera etcetera


I'd like to meet with local 430 / stellaris / ccs v5 users in the netherlands - for learning & projects !



a big thanks to 'bluehash', the forum moderator



bye for now !

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