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Add recent comments to forums page, move C2000 lower down on main page

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A couple of suggestions that would make 43oh easier to check.


On the overall homepage (43oh.com), please move the TI C2000 Techincal Forums

section further down on the page.


It is fine to advertise other fora, but the material there is of little interest to those

who are using the 430 and don't have C2000.

Making the right hand column display recent topics in 43oh,

then recent comments in 43oh. (These are the things likely to be updated and

therefore of interest to a returning visitor).


After that either the C2000 forum section, or the popular posts. (If C2000 is interjected before popular posts, then popular posts should specify in the heading that it is on the 43oh forum, and not the C2000 forum).


Interjecting the C2000 heading is potentially confusing (new readers might not realize that that is on a totally different web site, about a totally different processor). It also makes ambiguity for the

subsequent items in the column. (Since they are under the C2000 item, are they most popular items on C2000, or are they on 43oh).


(Might make sense to move the C2000 heading down to the bottom of the column, give it an extra heading to indicate that these are other boards run by same person, and add a short segment covering recent posts on stellarisiti as well.)


It would also be nice if the main forums screen (http://forum.43oh.com/)

had a recent messages segment over on the right. (Below new topics, but above status updates) Then I could check just the main forums screen and get both recent topics and recent posts, without having to go to other screens for part of the information.



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