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OneWire Energia Library

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Energia uses the pins as numbered by the IC or the launchpad, so pin 10 is the 10th pin counting counter-clockwise from the marked pin (which is pin 1).

In your case I suspect pin 10 to be PB3, since it's the 10th pin on connector A.

You can look at the picture on Energia's website


As you can see, the pin named PB_3 (in purple) is next to the 10 (in black), which is the pin number used by Energia.

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[update]. New library attached with support for all MSP430 LaunchPads, TivaC LaunchPads and CC3200 LaunchPad. Working on the Multi Tasking targets (e.g. MSP432 EMT and CC3200 EMT)


I did some modifications to also support the CC3200. Don't have a one wire sensor to test so whomever has a CC3200 and a one wire sensor, it would be great if you could test the attached!




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i tried interfacing msp432 launchpad with ds18b20 temp sensor using latest onewire library example. I am not getting anything on the serial monitor. whereas if i interface with other TI launchpads it is working perfectly. kindly help me.

thanks in advance..!  

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Iam trying to interface DS18S20 temperature sensor with Tiva TM4C123GH6PM Microcontroller, I added One wire library and I tried to upload the temperature example present in One wire library, I got below attached compiling error, Kindly help me out from this Error ASAP.


Thank you


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