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[Group Buy-9] [C] [S] Replacement Parts for GB#7

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Inductors arrived today! They're a bit larger than I anticipated. Then again, I didn't really pay much attention to the dimensions.


I'll be packaging the inductors tonight, but cubeberg has sent me (I think) some replacement tactile buttons with the longer stem. Please let me know via reply or DM if you want your shipment right away, or want to wait for the replacement buttons with the longer stem cubeberg got from the supplier. (You can have both cubeberg's and my buttons, if you like. I have plenty.)


B#: I know you want yours ASAP. They'll go out tomorrow morning.

If it's still available I'd love to get in for 2 and one set of buttons.

I'll message you my address :smile:



LariSan's and AdrianF's units are covered for. I'll PM you shortly. 2 sets each.

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Hmm, I did. Just below LariSan.


Yeah, we were updating at the same time. ;-)


All orders to this time have been packaged for shipment tomorrow. :thumbup:


I still have about 4-6 spare inductors left, if anybody needs them.

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Orders packed and ready for shipment on 07 NOV 12. I'm sending shorter buttons. If you really want longer buttons, let me know and I'll send you some when I get them from cubeberg.


Just noticed board takes THREE buttons, not two. I'm going to slit the seal on the padded envelopes I'm using and slip the extras in. Look for them loose in the envelope! :oops:

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Did some testing today - seems to work great with the new inductor. I'll do some additional testing, but things look good so far!

Thanks a ton to GeekDoc and oPossum!


NP! You designed this awesome project, after all!


I can't wait to build mine. One is going on my desk at work to make all the other geeks jealous!

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I need 2 sets for my 2 kits if there are any left?



I still need one inductor. Who do I send money to?


I have about 6 inductors left (plenty of buttons).


As long as you're in the USA, just PayPal $1.50 for one or $2.50 for two inductors to ebay (at) nonegiven (dot) com.

- Be sure to mark as gift (I'm already taking a few cents loss on these after shipping)

- Be sure to put your mailing name/address in the PayPal comment (PayPal doesn't share this with me)

- Let me know in the PayPal comment if you want the tactile buttons, and the shorter (5mm total) or longer (7.5mm total) ones.

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