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Need a challenge question that a visitor may know, to keep off spam

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What about these standard things?

* is there no AKISMET-Plugin available?

* normal graphical captcha

* a small calculation (1 + 2 = ?, 4 * 3 = ?)

* Colors (Which color has the water, grass, blood, beer, sky, ... )

* Pictures (show 4 pictures and tell the user to select for example "the apple" out of this set)

* a simple task for the user ... something like that: http://webdesignledger.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/currybet.jpg

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hmm... seems like the bots got intelligent over the last years ...


* another try would be to use the questions - but don't render them as text - provide them as an image - i know many bots use text-recognition but you may confuse them a bit


* to make it even more complicated: give out a fake-question in plain text and lets have it the same color or hide it so the user won't see it ... then give out the correct question you want the user to answer in an image and give it a class, name, alt, title that doesn't allow the bot to conclude it is used as something lika a "captcha"


* maybe a verification by an SMS would be possible - but this could be too expensive over time

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Are the bots decoding/guessing captchas?

A good question would be one that requires some kind of logic from the user which can't be performed by a machine/script.

In practice, though it's not easy to come up with something, specially something that fits into the tools that ipboard provides.

One example, would be to select, from a set of objects, the one that doesn't match. The mismatch may be due to colour, number of sides of a polygon, mounting type of a IC package (SMD/TH), type of memory (volatile, non-volatile), prime vs non-prime number, integral power of two vs non integral power, type of object (animal vs fruit), etc etc.


Is this possible to do in ip board? Anything that involves a pool of questions, randomly selected at each test is easilly circumvented by a bot. The ideal would be to have a database of objects that are qualified by a number of properties and on each test, choose a set of objects that would serve such test.




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