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Interesting "pocket" o-scope

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I've only owned and used one scope in my life, so I'm no expert, but I could try to compare it to the cheap one I own.


32MSa/S seems good enough. Mine samples at 16MHz. My low sampling rate is a problem when reading high frequencies so that I sometimes need to work around it. For Instance, when I was confirming my DCO calibrations, I had to divide the 16MHz clock down and then measure it. I guess you could sample a 16mhz signal with this at > 2 samples per period, so you should get something that resembles a wave out. Maybe this is obvious and that's why you picked this one. I guess what I'm getting at is that is should be fine for working with any signals used with a 16MHz uC.


8bit res is the same as mine. I find myself looking at a lot of square waves or very granular digitally-generated analog, so I never needed anything better.


I wonder if you can use all 4 channels on that at the same time, or if you need to switch between input sets. 2 chans is what I have and that's great for looking at serial (clock and data signals) but I often wish I had a logic analyzer.


Everything else seems standard to me. The signal generator is a nice plus. I think Seeed's a good company.?.?

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I received the dso nano ver 2 for christmas . I have nothing but good things to say about it.

Im just a beginner with it as well (like all things electronic). The seeed studio forum is a good place to get info.

I got the scope and upgraded the firmware (one of the forum members over there completely re-wrote the firmware), then I watched a couple of tutorials on how to use it and have already used it a couple of times, great tool.


It figures that I would get the nano ver 2 and they would come out with the quad which looks even better by far.

I guess once I use the one I have for a while and get it figured out I could justify getting the quad.

(especially since its got 2 channels. Its nice to be able to compare waveforms in realtime)

my 2cents :mrgreen:

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Take this with a grain of salt, since I never have used one of the pocket scopes. Personally I wouldn't buy one. $200 is a lot of money for something like that. You can definitely find a used scope on eBay for that much or even less, and the old analog scope will be much more useful. Theres nothing like having a real scope in front of you to use. I mentioned that you should check out the Rigol scope in your other post doc (on the workstation thread), you can also get it for $350 if you want to haggle some sellers on eBay. For a bit more cost, you get a scope you will use the rest of your life (unless you have enough money to upgrade to a few thousand dollar scope). Apparently the Rigol scope has a software hack too, that allows you to increase the bandwidth (haven't tried though).


I would recommend a USB/pocket logic analyzer, but not a scope. BUT, that being said, if you can't spend the extra money, and like the little scope, a pocket scope is better than no scope at all. :-)

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To hold me over until I can get a Rigol, I ordered one of these:



from gabotronics. Tiny, huh? It's made to be used on a breadboard!


Heck, at $40 shipped, it seemed pretty cool, and it's open source. :D You can get schematics and code from the site. You can even order a bare board for a few bucks. ;) I definitely recommend checking out the site! Too bad there's a 4-week lead time. :(


I'll let you guys know how it is when I get it.

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You know you want one! At $40, you're pretty much obligated to buy one. You're going to do it, just admit it to yourself and go for it. Don't forget to tell them that 43oh.com sent you! :lol:


Oh, I don't have any spending money for the foreseeable future. But it is a contest goal. Too bad I have to compete with people who know what they are doing and releasing full blown hardware uart codes, when all I have planned is a glorified blinkenclock

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