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figuring things out - differences in 2452 and 2552?

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I want to thank you guys for your help. I think I have learned quite a bit and I seem to understand most of it. I downloaded the datasheets for both the msp430g2452 and the 2552. Since they are both about 70 pages each, before I go print them out and try to learn form them... let me ask something. Is the 2452 the same as the 2552 program-wise and pin-wise, except that the 2552 has more memory space and more I/O pins? In other words, can I just print out the 2552 datasheet and use it for the 2452 as well, ignoring the extra pins and remembering that the memory is limited?


Thanks again...



BTW - I don't suppose there is a printed version of the User Guide is there!? I read better from paper, but printing 658 pages... wow!

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I assume you mean the 2452 and the 2553?


Basically what you said was right, except the 2553 has a USCI (Universal Serial Communication Interface) so you can talk to a computer through the hardware UART or to other chips via SPI or I2C. For chips without a hardware UART, you have to implement it in software, and instead of a USCI, you would have a USI (Universal Serial Interface) for just SPI and I2C communication.


EDIT: At 600+ pages, I personally wouldn't print it because eventually you will miss the Ctrl-F ability of a pdf.

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fwiw with my current project I used a 2452 for the external sensor box, which only needs to use SPI (to communicate with an nRF24L01+ RF transceiver and a MAX31855 thermocouple amplifier chip, both SPI-based) and a 2553 for the base station which needs to talk to an nRF24L01+ and print stuff over a serial port (UART) to a PC.


One thing I do like about the USI spi implementation is it can do 16-bits at a time... I wrote my nRF24L01+ library to take full advantage of that, and one test I did with my logic analyzer it notably reduced the amount of time spent doing SPI I/O. Probably not a huge issue though, but I thought it was cool ;)

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