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Magnetic rotary position sensors

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I posted this on stellarisity.com too.


In the quest to find a way to add crankshaft position sensing (more accurately, crankshaft position changes- the ECU would interpolate the position) to my EFI project (on stellerisity), I came across this:


Put a bi-polar magnet on the end of a shaft, mount a chip close enough to the magnet and spin the shaft.

Various ones output sine/cosine, absolute position, incremental pulses (one pulse per X degree), and PWM.


If you find one (or two or three) you like, they offer samples of many of their products. I may have been lucky since I have a company-related email address and used that so I can't say any email address could be used, but who knows?


On Oct. 20, I requested these:

AS5140H-ASSU - up to 10,000 rpm per datasheet

AS5232-HSST - up to 72,900 rpm per datasheet

AS5048B-HTSB - no mention of rpm on datasheet but I imagine that'd be left to sampling the output waveforms and interpolating.

... and had a confirmation email the next day the order was accepted and another email Oct. 22 they were shipped FedEx from Vienna, Austria, no charge. They were supposed to arrive at my house on the 24'th but apparently FedEx is scared if someone is working on the roof of your home.



Good luck.

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Ams is good about samples, but they are overseas (My sample came from their home base of austria, 2 day shipping. I was amazed), and their stocks can be low on some. Their documentation access is a bit guarded though. Not all datasheets are available online, sometimes you need to contact by email to receive them. Also, some of their led controllers are smaller than rice. I mean 3mm x 5mm small.


Luckily, their website has improved over the last month. I wasn't able to register before, and now they have a more detailed part view.

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