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Launchpad DC MotorPack.

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- Could I request an LED connected to the power supply. It helps greatly during debugging.

- Is this rated for 3.3V only? It would be nice to support higher voltages.


Also.. looks good. I'm ready to sponsor the first batch of 10 boards from Seeed.. if you are interested.


Edit: LED is already there.

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DRV8833 is powered from external source (ex. 4-6LR6 or 7,2/9.6V accu pack), VIN = Vmotor (max10V) because internal Launpchad 3,3V or 5VUSB had too small current for power DC motor. Auxaliary LDO chip U1 provides voltage for Launchpad, if would like to work "standalone" (small robotics or mobile platform).


All DRV883x family are very usefull to drive smal DC motors i checked most of chips without any problems (excluding mistakes on TI *.pdf's -> !$#!$%$#@ a few pcb died).

AD8834 - stepper driver with built-in indexer (check only newest pdf version wrong Fig.8 and Config pin description)

AD8830 - I2C up to 9DC motors.


If you want any changes and improvements in pcb, only please tell me...

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