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I try to set up my irc client to work with our channel, but I don't know how. Do I connect to freenode.net:6667 #43oh? For some reason connecting fails, any help?

Actually taking your post literally, you need to use (without the quotes ) "irc.freenode.net" port 6667.


Then assuming you have not created an account on freenode you'll have to create an account, verify account through email, and log in in order to chat on the server. Granted I am not positive if this is server wide, or channel specific( having to log in in order to chat ). 

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When you connect to the server, you'll get a message in your status window that tells you to auth or to create an account. It is all fairly simple. Once you do create an account, then you will have to ( within some time period ) verify via email that the account you created is truly for you.  But anyway. . .


The error you're receiving indicates the server does not like how, or where you're trying to connect. The most common problem, based on the exact error message you gave us indicates you're trying to connect to the server which does not allow it to know, *how* you want to connect to the host. e.g. you need to specify *exactly*-> irc.freenode.net, or the exact host name of one of the servers in the server round robin.


Granted, there are other possible causes, ranging from bad DNS, to having been put on the global server blacklist( g-line ). Based on the information given however, I think you're just not connecting to the host properly ( e.g. using freenode.net, and not irc.freenode.net ).

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