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USB dev (CCS code to GCC) issues

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I am having errors compiling some USB code on mspgcc,


the code that I am having issues with is


/* for IAR */
#       define __DMA_ACCESS_REG__ (void __data20 *)
#   else
#       define __DMA_ACCESS_REG__ (unsigned short)
#   endif
/* for CCS */
#   define __DMA_ACCESS_REG__ (__SFR_FARPTR)(unsigned long)


It affects how

    DMA0DA = __DMA_ACCESS_REG__ dest;                       //set destination for DMAx
   DMA0SA = __DMA_ACCESS_REG__ source;                     //set source for DMAx


is there a suitable replacement for gcc that I can use?

no amount of googling has helped. All I know is that SFR__FARPTR is a builtin but not sure what it does, or how it affects the code.


If need be I can post the errors from compiling later today

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From IRC -- Rickta


__SFR_FARPTR is not jsut a function pointer. It' sprimary purpose is to represent a monolithic 20 bit value, as opposed to a long int value that is represented as 2*16 bit on assembly level. When stored to 'normal' memory, both are 4 byte size. But a normal long int will be put into 2*16 bit registers while an __SFR_FARPTR will be stored in a single register in a special 20 bit mode. Only this way, a 20 bit address can be properly

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FWIW, DMA0DA and DMA0SA are declared so that the compiler knows they're 20-bit values (at least if you're using the mspgcc that's 20-bit aware). No particular cast should be necessary for mspgcc. In fact passing the value through (unsigned long) might result in an unnecessary (and very expensive) up-cast to a 32-bit value before truncating back down to the 20-bit value that will be stored.


See also http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/m ... te___a20__

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Thanks pabigot for the info!

You're welcome.

is the f5510 a 20 bit msp?

All 5xx/6xx/FR5xx MCUs are CPUX architecture, meaning they support the 20-bit aware instructions. However, the 5510 has only 32kiB of flash, so there is no far memory for which 20-bit pointers would be useful. The 5529, on the other hand, has 81kiB of flash above the 64 kiB boundary (48 kiB below it).

pabigot, is mspgcc-20120406, 20bit aware?

No. The 4.7 development series, currently 20120911, is the only one that supports 20-bit code and data. 20120406 will, however, use CPUX instructions for other things (such as multi-register push/pop, enhanced bit rotate, etc.) If you're targeting the 5510, there's no particular value in updating.

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