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Ethernet with the Launchpad

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Hi... as you probably all aware,that the ENC28J60 network chip has been utilized on many different platforms,like the Arduino,AVR,8051,PIC etc for various ethernet and internet based designs.


However,i would like your opinion on this matter before i spend some money on this breakout board to interface it with my launchpad....Will the 2kb codespace be enuf for a very very simple proof of concept embedded webserver??



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I can't find any instance of the ENC28J60 being used with a attiny or a picaxe or pic10f. While the msp430g2231 is fast enough, it just doesn't have enough code space or ram to use it.


The newer 20pin msp430's should/might/maybe be. 8kb code space, 256ram on the high end. Plus USCI for spi control.


As an example, there is



Ported a complete tcpip stack to the msp430, but takes 7k codespace, and apparently needs less than 2k ram. Does full checking and everything. TI has an application note with a simpler webserver, but couldn't figure out how much space it uses. It targets a msp430 with 60k codespace and 2kram. I'm sure you could cut down unneeded features, but I'm uncertain on how ram managing would work to reduce the needed amount. The above link has a link to the TI application note on the sidebar.


There are also the wiznet ethernet adapters. Cheaper than the ENC28J60 breakout board on sparkfun http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9473 (sure, you can't sample one for free, but hey)


Unlike the ENC28J60 or the Cypress version, the wiznet handles most of the tcpip handling, so the msp430 can concentrate on content handling. Also works by spi, and is 3.3v. (It is also the same exact module used for arduino ethernet shields, so those code examples will be useful)

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I strongly doubt you would be able to do much with 2kb of program space. With the restrictions of the Launchpad, I would hope more for a proof-of-concept ping server than a PoC web server... As for where it would become possible (8k? 32k?), that is more a function of skill...


I have built my own breakout board for the ENC28J60, but it was only a marginal cost savings... I still need to play with that...

http://kennethfinnegan.blogspot.com/201 ... works.html

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Well, there are other ways of getting a msp430 online. Wifi or Ethernet to Serial bridges. 10 bucks on ebay for no-name ones. 20 bucks for a 2 serial port ethernet one being advertised in "Circuit Cellar" and "Nuts and Volts". 10 bucks for a bluetooth to serial adaptor as well. It won't be as robust as a full feature html server like apache, but if you just need independent, web accessible interfaces, with minimal fuss.

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yup it would but I had a web server running when I had high speed internet at home and I had an an adruino that would connect to the internet threw pc using the serial port. It was on all the time and it had a witless chip I bought off sparkfun. My other devices connected to this with the wireless chip and get to the internet that way. that was before wifi bridge were affordable.





any ways I was just throwing ideas out there

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I've used the PHP serial class to talk to and receive data from a microcontroller using a Linux web server. I've used it for remote home monitoring and control. Just some minor things, like the always fun opening/closing the garage from the internet.


I've also used the Wiznet modules. I managed a decent web server using a FAT32 SD card with 24k, but there is not just the control routines themselves, there's a lot of status information and hardcoded data that needs to be sent/compared, which makes 2k, even with nice modules of some kind almost impossible as a server, unless it's the most absolute basic page response.

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