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[Group Buy-8][C]NRF24L01+ Wireless Transceiver Module - ~$2

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@ abecedarian - here's your pictures

Awesome!Should I go ahead and get these then.

PS- When I get the boards (should be soon), I am going to populate the Q1/Q2 transistors for the LEDs so folks don't have to mess with ordering those. Not changing the price of the boards at all (the

Posted Images

Pictures or it didn't happen. ;-)

@ abecedarian - here's your pictures

Phew! They were tasty.


Just FYI we only have 4 of the boosterpack boards left for ya, and then that's it... I intend to order more but I doubt they'll be here in time (maybe do another GB for these if there's interest once a new batch of boosterpacks come in)

Ok.. I'll place an order for the radios from Aliexpress.

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Thanks for the photos. :grin:


A thick burger like that should be stuffed with chile's (Ortega or bell if you're not into hot, or jalapeno, Fresno or habanero if you like heat) and onion, and maybe some cheese... or bleu cheese and bacon... or pepperoncini, garlic and sundried tomato....


Or one of my personal favorites: jalapenos, onion, bell pepper, garlic, mushroom, a little ground horseradish root and fine-chopped pastrami, saut

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Sorry I missed this earlier, but I have to comment....

They were cooked with my DIY sous vide first then seared with the torch for the Maillard reaction... Yum. Just like mom used to make

So basically cooked in a bag and had after-the-fact char added? :!!!:

Call me strange but I'd do it the other way- seer the meat then bag and cook so the char flavor could permeate the meat.


Ok people.. I have 18 boards and going to order 20 radios. Please add your name below. This is a first run.. if you can limit to two, so that everyone gets a pair, that would be great.

Anyhow, how much? (If it was posted, my apologies- I was distracted by food.) I'm new here. ;-)

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