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[Group Buy-8][C]NRF24L01+ Wireless Transceiver Module - ~$2

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Just received mine; the boards look great!



Stupid me forgot to add stackable headers when checking out. :-(


Anyone have some they'd be willing to sell or trade?

If they're 2x10, I'd like to get 8; if 1x10, 20 would be nice- I have some other things I'm planning so planning ahead.

Also, I forgot about the SMD resistors and LED's so would need 4 x 1K, 4 x 10k and 4 LED's.


I have available to part with:

50 3mm clear / red LED

30 5mm clear / white LED

1 4x4 tactile switch matrix (4cm x 4.5cm)

10 1x40 female headers

5 2x40 male header

25 tactile switches, two wire through hole

2 NE555p timers

2 NE5532P op-amps

10 74HC595 chips

2 M9720AG op-amps

1 PT2339 audio delay processor

1 LM2596S based adjustable voltage regulator


I also have a bag full of various capacitors, electrolytic and others I haven't inventoried yet, so maybe there's something in there someone would need?

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Any hope we will have a library for he nRF24L module on energia?

Already tried with arduino but I hate going back to arduino everytime it doesnt work with launchpad. :D

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