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[S]Nordic nRF24L01+ RF BoosterPack

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Soldered mine together tonight. I love the backpacks (especially the Stellaris LP compatibility) and might get a set of 10 from FusionPCB.


I would also like a standalone with a smaller footprint like the MSPism which sadly seems never to have made it into production.

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Got a new variation of the boosterpack, this one I won't be ordering for the store b/c it's larger than 5cm on one of its dimensions and I use OSHpark for it.  Actually the chinese may be cheaper in qty anyhow but I don't need more than 2 or 3.  $12.70 per set of 3 from OSHpark, ironically a ton more expensive than the nRF24 modules themselves haha...


It only supports the 8-pin cheapo modules but it fully supports 40-pin XL LaunchPads including mapping any of the pins to any of the 40 LP pins.  In addition, SPI SCLK is broken out so someone could use this to custom-remap everything to the USCI_A SPI module or anywhere else.  It uses solder jumpers to default itself to USCI_B SPI (G2553+ pinout).

Still supports the transistorized SPI SCLK I/O and nRF24 IRQ LEDs.


I designed this with my Renesas RX "LaunchPads" in mind since it hangs out the side instead of the bottom (and supports all 40 pins, in case I wanted to use one of the obscure SCI Simple SPI interfaces that might be on the inside headers).  This should also make it conform better to TI's own recommendations for boosterpacks where vertical clearance is supposed to be limited.






Schematic: DipTrace Schematic - nRF24_BPakXL_OSH_draft1.pdf

OSHpark gerbers: OSH_nRF24_BPakv2_0.zip

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