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Greetings from South Carolina

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Hi Everyone,


My name is Mike and I'm new to Microcontrollers. A few months ago I was talking to a coworker that is enrolled at a local college for electronics about circuits and bread boards and stuff. Almost immediately, ideas started popping in my head and I couldn't wait to get started with programming some myself. I initially was looking at the Arduino and PICAXE brands, but eventually came across the TI Smart meter documentation and thought how cool would that be to build something similar. So I decided to take the plunge and I bought the MSP-TS430PW24 and associated MSP-FET430UIF. The dev kit also came with 2 MSP430AFE253 MCUs.


So this is where I am now! Ready to dive in. Before I have even put the MCU into the dev board, or plugged anything into my computer, I can see the first question has already presented itself. This chip is so darn tiny, I can see I have to find some type of interface to use it on a breadboard, or trainer. The fun begins!


If any of you have worked with this chip or kits, feel free to let me know. I'd love the insight that can be provided. Otherwise, I think my first project, after making a light blink, is to start trying to build an energy meter for one lamp. Then perhaps trying to replicate a GFCI using the same MCU. and then after that, seeing about sending that data over wireless or powerline to another unit. Baby steps though. baby steps.


Talk to you all soon I'm sure


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Nice, but you have spent about $165140 more than would have been necessary for a quick start ;). The AFE253 can conveniently be programmed with the $4.30 LaunchPad, AFE253 is ~$6-ish in one-off. Not saying the UIF will not do you good, it just wasn't strictly necessary. The difference would have better been spent on The Book.


Anyway, your best friends will be [tipdf]SLAU144[/tipdf] and the device-specific datasheets. Most of the stuff you find regarding the LaunchPad and the G2452/G2553 will basically apply as they are part of the same family.


This should get you going.

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Oh No! :)


I should have known I could have done the programming with the launchpad. I tried to read everything I could, and I just didn't seem to find that definitive guide that said it could be done so I was suckered into the expensive route. Anyway, obviously alot more reading to do! Thank you for the warm welcome and gentle nudge in the right direction. Maybe I can send it back and get the launchpad instead. lol

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