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[Group Buy-10] [O] RGB SMD LED (with built-in controller)

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Group Buy status:


Member Name------| Quantity | US only
RobG------------ | 50pcs AND 2m --- DELIVERED
GeekDoc----------| 50pcs AND 1m --- SHIPPED
Rickta59---------| 1m ------------- SHIPPED
oPossum----------| 30pcs AND 0.5m - SHIPPED
Bluehash---------| 50pcs
SugarAddict------| 200pcs --------- WILL SHIP SOON
Cube-------------| 10pcs ---------- SHIPPED
Touch------------| 25pcs ---------- SHIPPED (2 envelopes by mistake  )
Luke-------------| 20pcs AND 0.5m - SHIPPED
Bobnova----------| 1m ------------- SHIPPED
Mtlevine---------| 25pcs AND 2m --- SHIPPED
Soma4all---------| 20pcs ---------- SHIPPED
thanhtran--------| 40pcs ---------- SHIPPED


------- Ordered -- Claimed -- Available/Pending
LEDs ---- 500 ---- 500 ------ 0
Strips -- 8m ----- 8m ----- 0m

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Prototype of my "mood board." Didn't have time to create fancy animations, but I am planning to create animated snow, fire, etc.


This is 5 meters of 30LED/m strip, 150 LEDs, 12" x 18".

The final board will be placed in a 15" x 21" box with diffused glass in front.

It will be controlled with my MSP430F51x[1-2] or Ethernet board.


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Put me down for another meter of the strip (total 50 LED, 2m strip). I'll PP you the extra when I get home. :grin:

Hold off with the payment, if I don't hear from Bobnova then the extra meter is yours.

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