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MSP430G2331 Clock settings

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Recently working on upgrading my Samay project, I wanted to use the Value Line controller MSP430G2331.

For compiling the code I use CCS 4 version with all recent updates.

The MSP430 standard header used for this was msp430g2331.h.


Now I wanted to upgrade the CPU clock to 1MHz but also wanted to try out 4/8/16MHz.

However while compiling there were errors as I tried to load the BCSCTL1 and DCOCTL registers with the Frquency constants:

CALBC1_16MHZ and CALDCO_16MHZ respectively for 16MHz.

Looking into the MSP430G2331.h file, I saw that the pointers only defined to CALBC1_1MHZ & CALDCO_1MHZ and nothing else.


I wish to know if any one else has also noticed this.

Altough there is a fix by using the Launch pad and storing the particular Calibration for DCO using the External 32.768khz crystal.

But just curious why TI missed these values.

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