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43oh spam account deletion rules.

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Hello everyone,


This is my third account registration on 43oh. I was deleted two times for PM messages and what I thought was spammy links.

I was told that I was deleted because I sent a PM without doing anything else.


This post is my attempt at doing something other than PM. I would really like to become an member of the 43oh community, but I'm not sure I will keep filling out registration forms continually to maintain membership :)


My suggestions would be to relax the spammer link restrictions, indicate to users what actions will result in spammy delete on registration page. Maybe mark the spammer account as disabled, instead of delete, so that when a real user is mis-identified, that user can maintain the information already placed on that account.




(I'd place a link to my website, but I don't want to be deleted)

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Hi Dave,

As mentioned in the email before, accounts are tagged as spamy if you do not make a post in the forums. This is a classic tactic taken by spammers. Last year, they mailed/PM'ed everyone on the forum(>1000 people) with spam messages. This as added to get around that.


Spam hammer is the only useful spam tool that phpbb has. .. it's not even phpbb's, it was made by a guy who maintains dangerous prototype's forums. It is a god send. The only problem with this mod is that accounts that do not make a post or makes the first post with links gets flagged... the mod does not allow to undo this, unfortunately. This makes you to re-register.


But.. I'll be moving 43oh to ipboad which has much better real time spam protection and a much better interface. If I were flagged so many times, i would get frustrated too.

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