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LaunchPad on steroids, if you have a lot of spare time...

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Stellaris launchpad is one hell of a deal. Dare I say, it's an even better deal than the MSP430 Launchpad is.


Cortex M4F is a beast. There is a fair amount of work from the guys at leaflabs (leaflabs.com) on Maple, which is for STM32 what Energia-Stellaris appears to be for, well, Stellaris. Both Stellaris and STM32 use Cortex M3 and M4 cores, and some peripherals are the same (but not all). So, there is likely to be a lot of potential for cross-platforming Maple and Engeria-Stellaris modules. That's cool.


You might also find it possible to load ChibiOS, which supports a lot of networking. It runs excellently on most Cortex M parts. Energia could probably run along-side the OS, transparently, as long as you reserve a slot for it (and whatever interrupts it utilizes) in the Cortex M NVIC schema.

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Thanks for the offer! If I remember correctly then you are on windows right? We are working on getting uploading to the StellarPad working cross platform (no OS left behind!). Until then it's we use LMFlasher thingy under windows to poke code into the StellarPad.

Give us another week or so and if all goes well we can do a beta release..

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Looks like the price has been hiked to 12.99 USD ! Is that true, or am I looking at a different board ?

Would've been a steal at 5 USD, but not terrible at 12.99 USD either... it's an order of magnitude more powerful than Arduinos and still cheaper than it.


Ok, my bad! Should've followed the links. Looks like 5 USD was a limited period promotion. Anyhow, as I said, 12.99 USD with free 2-day WW shipping is hard to beat for this performance class. Look forward to ordering few for myself, but it show In-Stock and delivery in 4-6 weeks at the same time... kinda confusing.

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