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MSP430G2553 PWM Outputs

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3 on 20 pin package or 4 on 28 pin package (SMD only)


There are 8 analog inputs on P1.0 to P1.7 and only one PWM output conflicts with that range, so you could have 7 analog in, but will also loose hardware UART/SPI/IIC because those share pins with the ADC.


Timer A0 CCR0: P1.1 or P1.5

Timer A0 CCR1: P1.2 or P1.6

Timer A0 CCR2: P3.0

Timer A1 CCR0: P2.0, P2.3, P3.1 or P3.4

Timer A1 CCR1: P2.1, P2.2, P3.2 or P3.5

Timer A1 CCR2: P2.4, P2.5, P3.3 or P3.6


CCR0 can not be used for PWM. Port 3 in only on 28 pin package.


For some applications, you may be able to use software PWM. That works on any pin.

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Hi... So let me ask this straight. I have to run a 3phase BLDC Motor using a full bridge inverter. The PWM signals for the switches of the inverter need to be generated using a microcontroller. Which means I need 6 different PWM signals. Can this be achieved using an MSP430g2553 chip? I currently have the 20 pin version only. I happen to be a complete beginner in the matter of microcontrollers. So please be kind enough to overlook my dumbness if I've missed out something very obvious!

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