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StringAdditionOperation shows garbage

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I just received my launchpad and I'm going through the examples supplied with Energia.

The StringAdditionOperator shows garbage after the first addition (I substituted * for the unprintable character that shows as a square in the serial monitor):


Adding strings together (concatenation):

stringThree = 123

ing*ngThree = *i


**g*ngThree = *

**g*ngThree = *i



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msp430 indeed has very little ram to go on and dynamic memory (re)allocation as used by the WString lib has to be used with care and avoided if at all possible.


With that said, this code should have worked just fine since there is plenty of ram left in a small Sketch like this. The culprit is that realloc() was replaced by alloc() due to lack of realloc() in mspgcc. This leeds to all kinds of issues since the original string is not preserved which results in garbage in the serial output. Will look into a fix for the next release. Bug is files as: https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/113


Thanks for the report!

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