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3.6V LCD 16x2 HD44780 for $2.31

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It came to my attention that the price of LCD modules have dropped by 1$ last time I checked. So I ordered one. When it arrives I checked to see if it works and I noticed that it have more contrast with 1.8 kOhm resistor to ground, that I use with those kind cheap blue LCD's. So I tried to run it with LaunchPad's 3.6 Volts, contrast was poor and brightness was weak(only 8mA at LED diode @3.5V). So I changed resistor with simple wire to ground and I added extra resistor with value 68 Ohm in parallel to the internal 100 Ohm SMD resistor(15mA at LED @3.6V). Result was pretty good. Yes I know that 3.3V LCD differs form 5.0V ones with charge pump IC and different resistor that control internal oscillator, but you can see the result. I know that cameras don't always tell the true and I'm not very pretentious man, but I like the end result.

I order it form this seller http://myworld.ebay.com/chip_partner for $2.31 .

I'm warning you that he can change his LCD modules for other type from different factory, so it may not work at 3.6V.

I'm warning you that at 3.3V maybe contrast will not be as good as it's on 3.6V.

I'm warning you that there are now sellers on ebay that sells cheaper LCD modules, just search for "LCD module" and sort by "price+shipping".




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