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Autonomous Energy BoosterPack

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I'll be creating in the next days a BoosterPack for Autonomous Energy. It'll feature perhaps the following:


  • A Microchip
MCP1253-33X50 for converting voltage from Solar panels/AAA batteries to a stable 3.3V output;
One slot (V+ and GND) for Solar Panels like this one (where they may produce by average a voltage ranging from 2.5~5V).
One slot (V+ and GND) for two AAA batteries.


In fact, you'll be able to use a solar panel (purchased from wherever you want and put wherever you want) and two AAA rechargeable batteries in a way that in sunny days the solar panel will be fully working charging the batteries and powering the MSP430, and in cloudy days or in the night the batteries will be working powering the MSP430. My idea is to supply the slots for attaching the cables connected to the solar panel/batteries instead of the battery sockets and the panel itself to give more mobility.


Of course, I'll be using some diodes to prevent any issues (1N5817 Schottky diodes should do the trick, perhaps?). It can output typically 100mA in the night, which should be good for any projects you may have :thumbup:


But I'd like to have the help of the community with this BoosterPack. Unfortunately, tinkering is something expensive in South America as less known components (e.g. the MCP1253) must be imported and it's a rather lenghty proccess. This way, could someone help me with this BoosterPack with testing or even giving suggestions?

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