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Hello, I apologize if my problem is a simple one, I am new to coding msp's and codecoposer. I am trying to use this MMA8452Q triple Axis accelerometer to detect offsets. As in Portrait / landscape detection, and communicate the 8 bit x, y, and z data to me. (i was just gonna use the variables tab in codecomposer for seeing the output).

I wrote this code which I have attached using the MMA8452q datasheet for reference while coding this. When i tried to run the code It came up with errors and i have been trying to debug it for a while. I feel like i am very close, but I can't seem to figure it out.

Can anyone help me?


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3 hours ago, BBNOOB said:

When i tried to run the code It came up with errors

To follow up with @Rei Vilo the actual errors are important here, as is the processor (though I would presume G2553 given where you put the question).  Also, the interface module you are trying to use (I2C I would hope, since the MMA8452Q only communicates with I2C), what header files you included, what processor you selected in CCS project setup, and so on.


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A quick look at your code reveals:

You have a typo in your port_2 interrupt handler; you call ICC_read, but the implementation is in IIC_read... 

I didn't read further as the above is a show-stopper...

There are numerous tutorials available for both I2C and interrupt handling to you to help get you started.

Since you're using CCS, I'd suggest also  posting your code & question on the TI e2e forum.

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