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Solutions to drive a 8x8 bi-color CA LED Matrix

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I've got a bunch of 8x8 common anode bi-color (red, green) LED matrix's I want to make some driver boards for. Datasheet here: http://www.sz-xsm.com/v15/guige/%E7%82% ... 8A-BRG.pdf


My current idea for driving them is using TLC5926 for the rows, but I'm not exactly sure what the best solution for the columns is, all the high-current 595's can only sink high currents, so I was thinking of just using a 74HC595 with some transistors.


Any better solutions/suggestions?

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I saw the TLC59213, however I was trying to keep the display either SPI or I2C driven. I think the best solution is like you said digital transistors.


I could also use a single chip solution like the HT1632C ($2 in single qtys). A strange thing I noticed is that it does PWM control but also requires current limiting resistors on the LED's.

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Really? that's a good price, is shipping included? Cheapest I've found is on eBay for $1.8 each at qty 5 /w free shipping. I only need 5-6 myself.


I'm going to ask someone I've ordered parts from before how much he would charge to get them from Taobao, it looks like 70 cents each in single quantities.

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